Josh Sutton Food Writer & Illustrator


Josh Sutton is a freelance writer and illustrator with a focus on food and travel.  He is a member of The Guild of Food Writers. Josh writes and illustrates a regular column in Camping Magazine and STIR to action magazine.  His words and pictures have appeared in The Guardian, The Yorkshire Post, Petits Propos Culinaires and a number of other titles including; Coast Magazine, Country Walking,  Scotland Outdoors, The Big Issue and Green Parent Magazine.

Josh has appeared from time to time on national television and radio (BBC1, BBC Radio4 and BBC Radio Leeds) often in the guise of The Guyrope Gourmet.

He is the author of two books:

Guyrope Gourmet - a camping cookbook, (Punk Publishing: 2013).

'Food Worth Fighting For - from food riots to food banks', (Prospect Books: 2016).

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