CookPal – a cookbook in aid of SkatePal

Over 20 vegetarian recipes, together with photographs and illustrations inspired by the author’s time spent as a volunteer in Palestine. 50% of the profits from this book go to SkatePal. SkatePal is a non-profit organisation working with young people in Palestine to promote the benefits of skateboarding.

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(Red Fez Books: December 2018 ISBN 978-1-5272-3501-4)

Five Go Feasting – famously good recipes

Julian Dick, Anne and George are famous for their appetites as well as their appetite for adventure.  Throughout their numerous adventures, they helped put away numerous villains and ne’er do wells and also managed to put away their fair share of hard boiled eggs, pies, cakes and jolly fine salads, not to mention the ginger beer.

(Seven Dials: November 2018  ISBN 10: 1841883301)


Food Worth Fighting For – from food riots to food banks

Nothing tastes better than shared bread, Josh Sutton reminds us that food has always been at the forefront of our struggles for a fairer society – Billy Bragg

Josh Sutton’s original and passionately argued book is timely, warning that today’s poverty levels mean we may see food riots again – PD Smith, The Guardian Newspaper 1.7.16

(Prospect Books: June 2016.  ISBN:  978-1-909248-48-9)

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Drawing on some of the actions of food rioters of earlier centuries, Josh Sutton suggests that the spirit of the food riot is very much alive today, and is apparent in the practise of some of those engaged in providing food charity in modern Britain.

As the issue of food poverty rears its hungry head once more, from the fair price forced sales in the market squares of old England, to the pay as you feel cafés of inner cites today using food waste from supermarkets, it appears little has changed when it comes to Food Worth Fighting For.

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Guyrope Gourmet – a camping cookbook

(Punk Publishing: 2013.  ISBN-13:  978-1906889609)

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Banish the baked beans, bin the bangers – and fill up on delicious, freshly made meals on your camping trip. Guyrope Gourmet: A Camping Cookbook is packed with tasty, simple recipes from two-minute tapas and failsafe risottos to exotic stews and seafood feasts – each one guaranteed to bring a touch of class to camp. Soak up the summertime sun with a colourful bruschetta just bursting with Mediterranean flavour or a fresh mackerel fillet, gently barbecued to perfection. Jazz up a damp day with smoked salmon blinis, lobster linguini or mussels with beer and coriander, or enjoy a good honest breakfast with a dash of panache.

Outdoor Ovens – if you can’t stand the heat, go al fresco!

A guide to the various types of outdoor oven.  Ideal for home build enthusiasts, rambling epicures, and food history lovers. This book sets out to investigate and celebrate a whole range of ovens, used and built the world over. By focusing on outdoor ovens, meaning those constructed or used outside of the home, as opposed to the average temperamental contraption found in most modern kitchens, we can learn about the people and communities that built and operated them. We know that people naturally gravitate towards a fire, and with a few recipes as well as instructions on how to build ovens, readers will warm to this book. If you can’t stand the heat, go al fresco!

(Prospect Books: 2017.  ISBN-13 978-1-909248-50-2)

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Food From Childhood – feeding the future (2019)

Not only is it true that ‘we are what we eat’ but also what we eat and how we react to it, can affect both the types of food available to us, and also the way in which it is produced. The food we are offered in childhood determines how we learn to eat, and our future food choices, and is an important part of our make-up. We assume that wealth and privilege determine our sense of being satiated and well-fed, but history shows us that often the children of the upper classes could be as under fed as those living in abject poverty. This book will follow the developmental stages of growth in childhood, showing how different cultures adapt to their surroundings and the needs of their children, and then providing recipes which will assist the parent of today in the difficult task of choosing the right way to feed a growing child.

(Prospect Books: 2019. ISBN-978-1909248618)